Welcome to El Paso Eye Surgeons. We are honored that you have chosen us as your
eye care provider. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care for all of our patients in a timely and respectful manner.

We’d like to describe the steps of your examination so you will know what to expect on the day of your office visit. Our ophthalmic technicians will welcome you and escort you to one of the examination rooms. There, they will ask you several questions about your past and current systemic and ocular health. It is helpful if you can bring a list of  your actual medications you are currently using so we can have a complete understanding of all your medical ailments. After your history is taken, the technician will measure your central and peripheral vision, check your pupils, and measure your eye pressure. They will then instill eye drops to dilate your pupils so that we may examine the structures deep inside your eye, structures called the retina (a tissue that acts like the film of a camera) and optic nerve (the nerve that transmits the signal of vision from your eye to your brain). Dilation will take approximately 20 minutes and may last for up to 3 hours so you may want to bring someone to drive you homeOnce dilated, you will be returned to an examination room where Dr. Gulbas or Dr. Gallardo will introduce themselves, verify your history and perform the remainder of the examination.

We promise to share our clinical findings with you and describe what problems may exist in your eyes. You and your family will always be welcomed and encouraged to ask any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan. We have included some useful information as to where our office is located and most common ophthalmic diagnosis.
We understand how important vision is and will always take all measures to improve and preserve your sight.

We look forward to getting to know you and develop a longstanding partnership in maintaining the health of your eye.

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